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Z and I have been in desperate need of curtains for our new house for quite some time. We moved in over three months ago and have had no form of window drapery to speak of. This most likely contributed to our consistent pre-6am wake up times (thanks early sunrise).


The times when we went out to look for them I was found myself less than excited about the options. I have also realized I am clueless when it comes to window decor. What fabrics are you supposed to use? What colors are trendy? I have NO idea.

red floral curtain


After putting it off for so long while at Home Depot this past weekend we browsed their selection (which was extremely limited) and grabbed ones that we felt were acceptable. I took a chance on colors, knowing we could always return them if needed.

It was then time to install– Z enjoys opportunities to use his power tools.


As I said, I was clueless about curtains in general but thanks to Pinterest I had some guidance…


This image came from Apartmenttherapy.com.  Good thing I found this because we would have probably just thrown the curtains on the existing rod. A total “don’t”.”

Z took out the current rods and holder and placed them higher up on the wall, just like the website told us to do.


Before & After:


What a difference it makes!

One of the things I love about our room are the high ceilings and by moving the curtain up higher it really plays up that feature.

Thanks Pinterest, once again.