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This weekend we got a dog!  Ok, so we were only pet-sitting, but still we can pretend.

Jenna had a wedding to go to out-of-town and asked Z and I if we would be interested in watching Chance while she was gone. We of course jumped at the opportunity to play “dog-owner” and gladly accepted.

I asked Jenna if there was anything we needed to do in order to “Chance-proof” our house and besides pulling up low lying garbage cans she assured us we’d be good to go.

Chance arrived Saturday morning armed with food, crate, toys and treats. We took him on a walk around the block shortly after. A couple we passed on the way stopped to ask what kind of dog he was which made me feel stupid when I said I didn’t know (“We’re just dog-sitting…”).

The rest of the day Z and I spent lounging around the house and Chance did the same.


He made himself right at home while we were watching tv, crawling up into the window sill for a better view of passer-bys (yes, he’s that small).


I have to say, he was a bit lazy during workout time though. This was as close as he got to lifting a weight:


When he was younger Jenna would tell us horror stories of how destructive he was. She lost many a pair of headphones, pieces of clothing, and especially Q-tips to Chance’s jaws. He has come a long way since then!

With that history in mind, every time  I stopped hearing the jingle-jangle of his collar my instinct was to be nervous about what he was possibly getting in to downstairs.

I would go and check on him and find him like this:


That night he snuggled under the covers with us, just like Jenna said he would, and stared at me blankly when the alarm went off at 5:30 as if to say, “are you really getting up this early?!”

I headed off to work, and left the two boys at home. Z said it was nice to have company in the house while I was gone, with Chance passed out on the floor next to him most of the day.


It was so fun to have a dog, even just for a little while. We definitely need one of our own though….