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Over the course of my days off I  tackled quite a long to-do list. In fact instead of celebrating the start of my weekend by sleeping in, I was up at 4:15 with a brain that wouldn’t shut off.

Besides the usual weekly chores, I made it a goal to bake. Now this is huge for me because I don’t bake….like ever. I wasn’t looking to bake a cake or anything like that (cake isn’t my thing), but I wanted to make something.

That’s when I remembered something I had on my “Tastes and Treats” board on Pinterest–homemade apple chips!

I followed the link back to the source and found the recipe to be simple enough that even Icould handle it.


As I’ve mentioned before, Z and I have a deeply rooted love for this fall fruit.


I don’t buy dried fruit anymore as it tends to bother my stomach (weird preservatives?) and is often times full of added sugar. But by making my own I can eliminate both of these issues!

I started with two Gala apples, and cored them thanks to this fancy-schmancy tool courtesy of Pampered Chef.


This is baking in 2012: reading the recipe off of an Ipad while subsequently playing Pandora for background music.


Once cored, I then cut the apples into thin slices and spread them out on a cookie sheet. A sprinkle of cinnamon and they were ready to go!


According to the recipe I was to leave them in a 275 degree oven for two hours. This time frame definitely makes it a “day off” activity. I checked on them after an hour, flipping them over, and putting them back in for another hour.

I must say, these were phenomenal (a definite Pinterest success). Besides making my kitchen smell like cinnamon-fall-goodness, they were delightfully tasty. Z and I may/may not have polished them off already…apple chips

Note to self: make double…even triple batches next time.

This activity definitely put me in the mood for fall. A trip to the apple orchard is in the near future I predict.

Question of the day: Do you bake? If so, what is your favorite thing to make?