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This past week I had penciled in for 2-3 strength training days and one run day.

For Monday’s workout Z and I completed the following:


(courtesy of Life of Blyss)

Thankfully this workout can be done in other months besides January…

Wednesday’s was a fun one! It consisted of four mini-circuits that last roughly the duration of one song. It moved along at a quick pace and kept me entertained. There were tons of jumping jacks sprinkled in there plus lots of ab work.


Thursdays are usually run days. Z and I extended our usual waterfront route to include a loop through Canton in order to pass by one of my favorite establishments, Nacho Mamas.


The restaurant is a Canton landmark and sadly its founder and owner Patrick “Scunny” McCusker unexpectedly passed away this week. The Baltimore Sun has a nice article about him and it’s clear that he was loved and respected by all he came in contact with.

Nacho Mamas is one of the most unique dining experiences I’ve found here in Baltimore and one of my go-to’s for out of town guests. After all, how many places serve margaritas in hubcaps?

Here are some highlights:


nacho mamas- me and jn

3- zach megan and me

3- group pic2



1- JG elvis1- nacho mamas- cm dld elvis

If you’re ever in Baltimore, definitely check it out!

Question of the day: What’s your go-to restaurant for taking out-of-town guests?