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This month my assigned Foodie Penpal was Joanna in Illinois. I tried to fill a box with Baltimore based treats to give her a taste of Charm City.

I invited her to share with all of you what she found in her box.

Joanna writes,

Getting my penpal box is almost like Christmas every month in my house:) This box didn’t disappoint either! The blue crab salsa and tortilla chips was most definitely the hit of the box at my house. We mixed the salsa with cream cheese and had it as a dip. The cookies, well those we’re all mine, and quite yummy! The apples were claimed by my husband as his nightly snack… Lol. All in all it was just like Christmas in August here! Thank you!

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I had to put something crab related, obviously. The cookies were from a local Baltimore bakery and the apples were from my favorite Farmer’s Market stall.

Glad you enjoyed Joanna!