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Monday my co-workers decided to have a theme-lunch. It was deemed “Mexican Monday” and involved an assortment of chips, salsas, and quesadilla fixings. During the celebration I prepared some getting-to-know-you questions. We went around one at a time and shared our answers, learning a bit more about each other in the process.

I thought I’d share with you the questions I asked and my subsequent answers:

Question 1: What does your name mean? Were you named after someone in particular? Any fun/interesting stories surrounding it?

After a brief search on “Meaning-of-names.com” I’ve come to find out that the name Kerry means “dark princess.” Makes me sound like some sort of evil villain!  Other than that I know there is a county in Ireland named Kerry as well as a breed of cow(that links you to kerrycow.com, yes that exists. Click it if you don’t believe me).

I remember my mom telling me that when deciding on baby names her Uncle was less than thrilled with the name Kerry because his family bred Kerry Blue Terriers and didn’t want to think of dogs every time he heard my name. Alas, here I am.

Dog Breeds

My problem with the name Kerry is that I could never find personalized souvenirs. On family vacations I would scour the mugs, toothbrushes and bracelets only to come up empty handed. They would sometimes have “Keri” or “Carrie”…close, but not good enough. What made it even more frustrating was that they always had Kevin, my brother’s name. That’s why I was so excited up in PA to find a key-chain!


Question 2: What is one thing you should throw away, but probably won’t?

I’ve gotten much better about throwing thing away, especially after moving back in May. I come to the realization that there’s no point in hanging on to random objects that are ultimately just junk anyway.

Some of my co-workers responded with things like old essays from high school, band uniforms, even a rodent skeleton found in an owl pellet (random huh?). For me it was t-shirts. I have quite a few of them and while I don’t wear 3/4 of them, each has its own story behind it and represents a different experience.

The best t-shirts are actually ones that belonged to my parents in college and beyond. After almost thirty years they are thin and soft as can be.


A 5K my Dad ran:


From my Mom’s time working for a moving company:


They make great shirts to wear to dance class or around the house. Yes they are old and waaaaaay past their suggested life expectancy but hey, “vintage” is so in right now.

QUESTION OF THE DAY?: Your turn to answer—what is something that you should throw away, but probably won’t?