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It’s time for another round of “Favorite Photos!” You may remember that I started a series a few weeks back highlighting some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken over the years. Well this one is special…it’s from the day Z asked me to marry him.  Who doesn’t love a good engagement story?!

Z was deployed to Egypt with the Army National Guard, leaving in March of 2011 and not returning until March 2012. After only having been dating for 9 months at that time we were faced with one of the most challenging experiences we’ll ever go through as a couple. For the next year we would be forced to have a long-lonnnnng distance relationship. Before he left Z gave me a tiny pyramid necklace. I wore it daily as a reminder of him.

For the next twelve months our relationship was centered around Skype, emails, letters and care packages. It was extremely difficult. The silver lining in it all was that I think we grew as a couple as a result.

In December of 2011, with 19 days off and a plane ticket courtesy of my future-in-laws, I headed over to Egypt to visit him. I was a ball of nerves, full of excitement and emotion in the fact that I would actually get to see him in person again. On top of all that I had a feeling that a proposal might be coming my way.

On our first full day in Cairo we had a driver who took us around to explore the pyramids.

The second location, home of the Bent Pyramid, was a bit out of the way and therefore not as frequented by tourists.  In fact, we were the only ones there! Our driver waited in the car as Z and I walked around examining the structure.

An ambitious security guard (carrying quite a large weapon) told us he’d let us climb to the top of the smaller Queen’s pyramid. Although we knew that all he wanted was money we went up anyway just so we could say we climbed a pyramid.

After paying the man, we set off to explore on our own. Much to our dismay he started following us trying to show us more things and therefore get more money. He was quite persistent and Z started becoming more and more frustrated with him…overly frustrated in fact which I thought was odd. It was when Z suggested just sitting down for a bit that I knew something was up. Normally we’d just avoid hagglers by walking away. Sitting would make us easy targets!

After refusing to pay the man one last time (which was nerve racking since he was carrying a large gun), he went back to his post.  It was then that it happened. At the base of the Bent Pyramid, Z asked me to marry him. Amazing.

Thanks to the handy camera tripod that I brought along for the trip we proceeded to have a photo shoot to capture the moment. The picture above was my favorite of the bunch.

Here are some others from that day.

After a proposal like that we need a wedding to top it ; ).

Question of the day: Where did you get engaged?