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As I mentioned yesterday, day one of reunion ended with surprise engagement festivities for Z and I which ended up being a lot of fun.

The next day everyone headed back to the farm to bid farewell to those that we hitting the road and heading home.


On the way there I made Z pull over and humor me as I played tourist.

081(Corn camouflage.)


(Not a mountain in sight.)

After saying our goodbyes to much of the family, life on the farm became a bit more peaceful. Z and I sat on the porch simply reading and relaxing. It was an amazing feeling to not be thinking about the grocery shopping I need to do or the cleaning that should get done. Worrying about all that was senseless so we allowed ourselves to truly sit and enjoy some peace and quiet in this amazing location.

(Our view from the porch).

I also used that time to wander around and take some more farm-life pictures.

PicMonkey Collage3

Around 2pm it was time to say our goodbye to the farm. We headed back to Uncle Scott’s house and laced up our running shoes. Besides being a runner himself, Scott has been encouraging his oldest daughter to get involved in running too. 2012-08-19_15-30-40_739

We tagged along with them using it as a much-needed warm up. After all the sitting around and eating we did all weekend I certainly wasn’t ready to dive right on in full force!

We headed to the nearby “Prairie View and Heritage Trail.”


8-21-2012 8-05-22 PM

After looping it a few times for a total of 1.9 miles, we stopped back at the house so Emma could grab her bike. She rode along as Z, Uncle Scott and I headed out on a 3.3 miles corn-side run.

8-21-2012 8-10-29 PM

That straight part down at the bottom was mostly dirt/gravel road. Not ideal for running on as I spent most of that time attempting not to roll an ankle. It made me appreciate the pavement that much more when we got back to it.

After the run and a shower, the evening was rounded out with pizza and red wine on the porch. Perfect.

Overall this was an amazing experience. I am so lucky to be joining such a loving family that welcomed me with open arms. I know some of them read this blog so I’d like to thank them all once again.

And that concludes my first visit to the mid-west.