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When we last left off I had explored the farm, gotten the lay of the land, met a whole bunch of people and ate some food.

Sometime between lunch and dinner the chatting was interrupted by a call for everyone to gather around. Z and I were surprised with an engagement shower!

The family had brought along gifts, cards, and well wishes. Because, as I was told, “it’s a big deal when someone joins the Bernick family.”



We received lots of kitchen goodies (all in the color red of course Smile ) but the most meaningful gift is what you see above. It’s a collage of words describing marriage that everyone in the family contributed to. It included such things as: “date night”, “yes dear”, “compromise”, and “scarface”.” Yes, you read that right…it was assumed to be sacrifice that the spell checker missed. Or maybe there’s deep meaningful relationship advice in there that I’ve never heard about.

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It was such a nice gesture which, in conjunction with the Caribbean guide book I brought along, certainly has put me in wedding mode.

That wasn’t the only wedding related surprise. After dinner Z and I were warned that we were to be put on the spot again….this time for: The Newlywed Game. A test to see just how well you know your spouse (or soon to be one as the case may be).

The men left and we ladies were asked five questions related to our significant others. They included, “What would they say is their dream vacation?” and “What is the first thing your spouse every cooked for you?” among others. We wrote each answer on a card to be revealed later.

The men were then brought back and asked the same questions. Once they answered, we flipped over our cards. Two points for a match!


Z and I won the first round. I knew his dream travel destination was Morocco and that his biggest pet peeve about me is that I won’t let him put his hands into the bag of shredded cheese (germs from your hands get in there and start growing things, gross!). I could not remember the first thing he cooked for me though (eggplant parm) so I went with sandwiches, which is what he made for our first date picnic.

It was certainly entertaining to hear the answers and subsequent reactions to each question. Especially those who have been married for years upon years.


Round two: guys’ turn!

I correctly guessed that if he was to compare me to a cartoon character it would be The Little Mermaid and the the chore which I do not do is sweeping and vacuuming floors.

Final results: K & Z win!!!!! 16 points (Z’s parents came in second with 6 points).



(Had to throw in the signature pose!)

Tomorrow: the last and final installment of our corn-side get-a-way.

Talking to a co-worker today I found out she has also played the Newlywed Game. Therefore my Question of the day is: Have you ever played it or something similar with your significant other?