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I want a puppy. I really really really want one. Z really really really wants one. But our landlord says no. That is the predicament we find ourselves in.

While cats are nice, I’ve always been a dog person.

My first dog when I was little was a German Short Haired Pointer named Morgan. When I was in fourth grade we got Minnie, a Jack Russell Terrier.

This was one of Minnie’s signature moves; floating around our pool on her boogie board. She didn’t actually enjoy swimming, but being in the pool with everyone let her feel like she was part of the action.


2- sleepy minnie close up

Minnie passed away not too long ago and still when I head up to New York to visit my folks the house seems to be missing something.

As for the present, now that Z and I feel a bit more settled in our new house the icing on the cake would be a furry friend to share it with. However, as with most rental houses, pets are discouraged.

On the way to the park yesterday we came across this sign at the bus stop, which I loved.


Jenna volunteers on her days off walking dogs at BARCS- Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. She tells me tales of cute dogs without homes, texts me pictures of dogs that have gone through unfortunate circumstances, no fault of their own. Going on a walk with Jenna, being outside, is probably the highlight of their day.

Although our hands are tied, if anyone in the area is interested:


Someday down the road Z and I will have one of our own. We just need to be patient. We’d like a medium-sized dog, nothing too big for a Baltimore row-home (yes I’ve seen Great Danes being walked around here), but nothing too small that it can’t keep up when we go for runs. A friend to be waiting for us to come home, to run with, to love.


In order to get my fix in the mean time, my Dad sent me a link for live animal cams. One of which is a litter of Golden Retriever puppies!

8-15-2012 6-34-21 PM

But these aren’t just any puppies. These will be trained as service dogs for veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center. Amazing stuff. Click here for overwhelming cuteness. But be warned: you’ll be addicted.

Question of the day:  Do you or have you had a dog?