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Despite my enduring love for coupons and sales, I do have an impulse purchase side to me that sometimes takes over. After last week’s grocery outing I returned with a few items not on my original list.

Greek Yogurt Bar

I’ve tried quite a few snack bars in my day. Luna, Kind, Larabar, Cliff, ThinkThin, you name it, I’ve probably tried it. They are so good to take with me to work when I need a quick snack.

I’m always intrigued by new varieties so when I came across this one I decided to give it a try.


I love Greek yogurt….I love blueberries. Seems like a win-win!

The bar was quite tasty with a granola-fruit layer on top and a yogurt bottom. It was relatively hearty and I felt as though my snack craving was satisfied after. This was the only flavor they had at Safeway, but I plan on keeping my eye out for others in the future.

Speaking of Greek yogurt….

Muller Yogurt

Safeway had a promotion/sale on this German variety of Greek yogurt. A manager at the store noticed me browsing the selection and started telling me about them.


This particular variety appealed to me because it came with flavored almonds to add (instead of the fruit or granola usual). I often times will add almonds to my yogurt for some crunch anyway so I found this to be perfect.

The yogurt itself is a sweet plain flavor, not quite as thick as Chobani, but hearty nonetheless. The almonds were in crumbled tiny pieces, perfect for mixing in.

There were other varieties as well including with chocolate pieces and rice cereal mix-ins. I bet if you popped one of the chocolate varieties in the freezer for a bit it could make for a delicious dessert!

Fun fact: The manager showed me a different type of yogurt from the same company which listed tilapia under the ingredients. Ummmm…..? Weird. He said he thought the same.

Endangered Species Chocolate

Z and I are on a dark chocolate kick. We are willing to shell out some money for good quality dark chocolate, especially flavored ones. While browsing some organic chocolates I came across this adorable little face….


…how can you say no to that?! Plus the flavor variety: goji berry, pecans and maca. What is maca? Well I had no idea but the other ingredients sounded great so I didn’t care.

According to www.macaroot.com, maca is:

“ Organically grown maca root is considered by top researchers to be a true ADAPTOGEN- and aggressively touted as the “superfood of the Andes” by the natural products industry.

Working in tandem with the body’s natural rhythms, Maca root helps rebuild weak immune systems, re-mineralize poorly nourished bodies, and increase energy and endurance.”

Who knew?

The chocolate was very good. Not overly sweet, with a subtle hint of fruit and a bit of crunch.

If that wasn’t enough the BEST part:


Eating chocolate AND saving the rainforest….it’s what I do. Winking smile

That completes this edition of “Kerry’s weekly impulse buys.”  We shall see what this week brings…

Question of the day: Are you an impulse purchaser? Or a strictly-by-the-list type?