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As posted previously, I created a workout plan for the week in order to stay focused and accomplish goals. Unfortunately life (and weather) got in the way and the plan had to be altered. Not the end of the world though.


I had penciled in an arms and abs workout and boy oh boy that’s exactly what we got.

The instructions called for three sets of 15 for each of the following:


We went through each superset three times with a 60 second break before starting the next–all of the bicep & tricep moves first and then shoulders & abs.

Wow was this challenging! Three sets of 15 is more than my usual, but I pushed through it. It won’t get easier if I don’t work at it.

Unfortunately for me at dance class later that night my instructor thought it would be a good idea to throw in planks (including walking ourselves around in a complete circle using our hands), push-ups, and ab work. I was tiiiiiiiiired.


I had a run set, but date night won out. I wasn’t too heartbroken though seeing as how I needed a bit more time to recover from Wednesday.


The plan: total body strength training. I found the following on Pinterest thanks to fit2flex.com.

Picture 4

Due to the fact we were doing this as dinner was cooking we only had timeto go through it once. It was a good one though! A variety of moves hitting lots of different muscles. The most difficult for me?: plank with tricep extensions. I did a modified version this time and will need to work up to the full thing.

Now to make a plan for the week ahead!

Question of the day: Do you plan your workouts? Or just do them when you feel up to it?