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Yesterday was Thursday which means: Date Night! Z has been wanting to check out the new Batman movie for quite some time. I said I would go with him, my only hesitation being the supposed length of the thing (almost 3 hrs?!). But thanks to reviews from friends who claimed it held your interest enough, I decided to give it a whirl.

Z met up with me when I got off of work at 3 and we headed over to Harbor East for the 4:05 showing. But seeing as how we were up at 4:30 that morning, we passed the time until it started by hitting up Starbucks for iced coffee.

Not how you spell my name...

(Interesting interpretation of my name…)

In addition, seeing as how the movie would be playing straight through our normal dinner time and my “lunch” at work was at 10:45,  Z brought us a early dinner to enjoyed with our coffee. That’s how you do date night on a budget my friends!


No need to spend money on a dinner out or over-priced concession stand snacks. This meal was just as delicious and filling which made the oh-so-amazing popcorn smell wafting through the air as soon as we entered the theater slightly easier to resist.



(Someone’s excited!)

I did pick up some movie-snack treats while at Starbucks. Chocolate covered almonds with sea salt (quickly becoming one of my favorite combinations) and a milk & dark chocolate covered caramel.


It took a lot of self-control not to down the entire tubes. My motivation was to save them to put over some ice cream or frozen yogurt at home.

The movie itself was definitely action packed! I realized I was clenching Z’s hand for a good portion of the ending. While I’m usually more of a romantic comedy type gal, I was impressed that it was able to hold my attention for the entire three hours. I’m a closet Cat Woman fan so was excited to see Anne Hathaway’s rendition (not exactly Princess Mia anymore is she?). And Christian Bale, well he’s hard core and has certainly come a long way since Newsies….

Z and I had an enjoyable time, making it home by 7:30 where we finished the evening with some wedding research thanks to a travel guide book I took out from the library. Stay tuned for updates on that!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite movie snack?