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While sitting down this past weekend to write a meal plan, I subsequently made a workout plan. By scheduling it into the week we are more likely to do it, but also have set days for both strength and cardio.

Our plan looks like this:

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Run at Robert E. Lee Park

Wednesday: Strength- arms & abs (Plus my dance class in the evening)

Thursday: Run

Friday: Strength

Saturday/Sunday: OFF

Monday was a late shift day which meant getting a workout in before breakfast. I came across the following on Pinterest the night before. How convenient!


75 squats? …Z and I were definitely feeling those the rest of the day.

Tuesday’s plan called for a run. Z picked me up from work and we headed up 83 to Robert E. Lee park.


Having no trail map or any idea of what was at the park, we began down one trail only to see that it was rather rough. Loose stones and uneven parts would make it treacherous for running. We turned around and headed down by the reservoir instead.


Luckily we happened upon a Park Ranger who gave us his recommendation on where to go. What I thought would be a paved walking path through the woods was in fact not that at all. We were headed down a legitimate trail. Thankfully the dirt was pretty packed down which I appreciated because rolling an ankle wasn’t on my agenda.

With a goal of 3 miles total, we headed 1.5 miles into the forest for our first trail running experience. It was definitely a big change from the downtown routes we’re used to. There were certain challenges along the way…

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…but I like to think that climbing over and under fallen trees was a type of cross-training!

Z absolutely loved the run, dashing through the woods and all, reliving his wild child days. I would have enjoyed it more had it not been for the fact that I was starving and running on fumes. Note to self: next time eat a bigger snack.

Running by the water is still the best. No matter what type of water it is.

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Despite overwhelming hunger we survived and appreciated the change in scenery.

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The GPS on my phone worked even in the woods! Our route:

STATS: Distance- 3.04 miles    Time- 34min 54 sec     Pace- 11.4 min/mi (crawling over trees included :) )

Now I must do research and find more Baltimore parks for us to explore!

Question of the day: Do you have a park by your house that you often visit? MD’ers—any suggestions for local parks?