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I’ve always had a love for taking pictures. Of people, places, animals, you name it. I remember my first digital camera….an aqua blue thing the size (and weight) of a brick.

Since then I’ve had a few more cameras and through trial and error have attempted to hone my skills.

I thought I’d start a series on the blog to highlight some of my all-time favorite pictures I have taken as well as the story behind them.

One of my favorite pictures was taken during my first trip to Costa Rica with my family in 2004. But first you need the back story….

The trip itself was amazing. Unlike anything I’d experienced before. The sights, the people, the culture, the rainforest. Costa Rica was and still is phenomenal.

Our trip included stops at a few different parts of the country starting in the chilly cloud forest and ending at the beach. In order to get to the beach we took a tiny four-seater plane (an experience of its own) which landed on a horse-pasture….their version of a run-way.

Once we arrived at the remote Tiskita Lodge in the southern part of the country, we had a true Costa Rican rainforest experience.

Our cabin was mostly open-air with deck and rocking chairs staring into the jungle. The bathroom wasn’t enclosed either. It was an adjustment but you soon came to realize the only thing watching you may be a passing macaw or squirrel monkey.

The lodge had an extensive orchard on the premises with rows upon rows of starfruit trees. On our tour they allowed us to pick the fruit and take them back with us.

This leads to one of my all time favorite pictures– our starfruit orchard harvest.  I enjoy the pattern the fruits are set out in, the slight oddities in their shape, the shadow on the table and the porch, hammock and rainforest in the background. When I see this picture I am instantly transported back to that time.

Ok, so I decided I have one more…

Another taken at Tiskita Lodge, up on the hill outside the dining building. if you sat in these chairs you could stare down at a gorgeous view of the Pacific.

I was lucky enough to travel back to Costa Rica a second time with my family five years later and have even more amazing experiences. But that was another trip full of more pictures. I’ll save that for another time.
Writing this post allowed me to go back and look and pictures and relive memories that I haven’t thought about in ages. It was certainly a lot of fun and cannot wait to do it again.
Question of the day: Do you remember your first digital camera?