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Z and I started to get the paper a couple months back. Sure getting the news delivered to your door is great and all but more importantly it’s a source of something great….coupons.

I’ve gone through phases before where I’m really into playing the coupon game and challenging myself to find the best deals. Now is one of these times.

After Z got me my fashionable organizer for my birthday I have been sure to keep it stocked, spending every Saturday morning catching up on dvr’d shows and clipping coupons.


Coupons are essentially free money (!) that come with a highly rewarding feeling. You know they one I’m talking about…when you hand them over to the cashier once your order has been rung up and watch the total diminish with each one. That leaves you with more money to spend on things other than shave gel and paper towels.021

In addition, Safeway started a “Just for U” program that gives you discounts based on your purchase history. From their website you can send the discounts to your Safeway card and save money on things you actually use. I’ve gotten some pretty good deals especially on produce.


Food shopping was a must today so I prepared a carefully choreographed list based on my Just for U deals, coupons I had, and what we already had at home to create meals with. My list had very few items which I didn’t have some sort of discount for so I was excited. In addition I was inspired by Zach’s friend Sam telling us how his girlfriend went to Rite Aid and, thanks to discounts, was able to get $60 worth of items for a penny. One cent! That’s crazy!

In addition to coupons, another money saving strategy I use is to browse the “sale” rack that Safeway has started putting at the back of the store. You never know what you’ll find on those racks. It’s usually a hodge podge of excess and/or damaged products. I personally don’t mind if the cardboard is slightly torn on my box of dryer sheets so sure I’ll take it for a reduced price! Today I picked up this little gem:


I had read about this new line of nut butters on Love Eat Run and knew immediately I had to try them. Luckily there was one with a slightly ripped label waiting for me for 50% off (I did check to make sure the freshness seal was in tact juuuuust in case). I spread some on my apple at lunch and was not disappointed. Banana already mixed in with peanut butter is a genius idea. I also am a texture person so enjoyed the crisp pieces of granola and nuts.

After an hour or so wandering the isles and crossing everything off my list came the moment of truth: check-out.

Sound the drumroll please…


I saved $44.92. Or 27%. Not bad. That’s $44.92 that can be spent on date nights, or iced coffee, or gas for a road trip. The cashier (Rachel according to this receipt) even commended me for my efforts.


The goal for next time….28%+.

Question of the day: Are you a coupon clipper?