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I would like to share with all of you the delicious concoction I created while preparing dinner the other night.

Summer’s the season of watermelon and I certainly enjoy every juicy bite of it. So why not drink it too?


1 package of True Lemon: Raspberry Lemonade drink mix


Water and ice cubes

That’s it!

Step 1: Fill blender with 20oz water and add drink mix packet. I suppose you could use any other type of drink mix you may have on hand.

Step 2: Add watermelon chunks until volume level hits 30oz.

Step 3: Add crushed ice to achieve desired consistency. Looking for a watermelon slushie? Go ahead and add quite a bit. As for me, I was just looking for a slight icy texture so didn’t get too crazy with it.

Step 5: Blend it all up. Serve. Enjoy.

It turned out fantastic. Light and refreshing. If you wanted to get wild and crazy you could even add some vodka or rum….it’s five o’clock somewhere.

We enjoyed it alongside our dinner of panko-crusted chicken, apple-celery (mayo-less) slaw and wild rice.