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The weather today was nice enough to cooperate for an outdoor workout.

We started with a short run to Patterson Park where we planned to complete a no-equipment needed strength circuit once we got there.

Let me just say the hills in the park certainly sneak up on you! We are planning on running a 5K to benefit BARCs animal shelter (where Jenna volunteers) this fall so I might as well get used to them.

STATS:       Distance- 1.17 miles   Time– 11min 21sec   Pace– 9.7 min/mi

Once Pagoda-side we completed the following, courtesy of PBFingers:

We skipped the kettlebell part because, well we were in the middle of a park, but other than that mission accomplished.  It all sounded pretty easy….the maximum number of times you have to do each move consecutively is 10. How hard could that be? Welllll, by the end 6 burpees started feeling like work. I know some people do workouts like this from 10 all the way down to 1. Something to aspire to maybe?

I love city living, Fells Point and surrounding areas for opportunities like this.

There was a lovely breeze and once the clouds rolled in towards the end of the workout it was downright beautiful.

Nothing says that you need a membership and fancy gym to get a workout. Take advantage of the spaces around you. Get up and get outside!