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Z and I have gotten extremely bored with the radio stations these days playing the same 10 songs over and over and over (seriously, Rihanna and Katie Perry need to just stop). We felt so strongly about it that on the way home the other day we actually turned on the classical music station and had a pleasant remainder of our drive.

It was then that Z suggested the possibility of getting a book on tape….well, I guess the technical name is now “audio book” because who actually has a tape player anymore?

I remember listening to books on tape as a kid when my family drove down to the Jersey Shore every summer. I’ve also had friends in recent years speak their praises for passing time on long road trips.  So on our errand-filled outing yesterday we made it a point to stop at the library and pick out something to listen to. But what to pick? We needed something that would be exciting enough to hold our interest because when it comes down to it you’re sitting strapped in a chair listening to one person talk for an extended period of time, so it better be about something good.

Z and I are probably the only people left on earth who have yet to read and/or see The Hunger Games. So we did it….the bandwagon was there in the form of a 5-disc set and we jumped on it.

The movie is one of the featured free films playing in Fells this summer. We already marked it on the calendar and made plans to go so why not get the book read beforehand so we can be adequately prepared!

We listened to the book during our drive to/from Columbia yesterday and made it through the first three chapters. But then we decided that it could be a good accompaniment while preparing dinner. So we popped it in the Playstation and got through a couple more chapters.

But it didn’t stop there. Instead of reading the paper over breakfast this morning, we sat and listened to our book.

It’s an excellent concept: you can “read” yet be productive at the same time! Also, since we’re listening together, Z and I can discuss what’s happening as we go along.

My thoughts on the book so far: Intriguing yet disturbing concept. I can’t wait to see (“hear”) what ends up happening though. Hope we can hold out until the 22nd for the movie!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever listened to an audiobook?