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Both yesterday and today have been filled with chores, errands and crossing things off the to-do list. I love weekends like this where I can finally get around to all those little odds and ends that build up over the course of a week or two. It makes for one happy Kerry.

Yesterday was spent completing the following:

  • (Unsuccessfully) shopping for our currently curtain-less windows.
  • Purchasing a cages for my tomato plants to wrangle them in a bit.
  • A trip to Target to restock on animal crackers (you don’t want to be around me if I run out).
  • Boring things like bills and laundry.
  • A quick workout:

  • Attempting another recipe from The Fresh 20.

The recipe was for an orzo veggie side dish, which I didn’t end up following step by step, but more used as an inspiration.

Awhile back I had purchased Israeli couscous from Trader Joe’s. I’d never made it before and didn’t know anything about it but thought it would be an acceptable substitution for orzo in the recipe we had.

I went to make it last night, boiling a pot of water in preparation, only to stop and actually read the instructions and learn you’re supposed to brown it in a saucepan before adding water. Oops.

After browning, I added boiling water and left it on the stove until the water was fully absorbed.

When the couscous was finished I finely chopped some veggies, prepared a Fresh 20 homemade dressing and mixed it all together.

We enjoyed the salad alongside ginger-lime teryaki chicken which Z made on the grill.

After dinner we headed over to Jenna’s to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (what on earth was going on there?!) which were both creepy and cool. We only lasted through the introduction of the first few countries before Just Dance 3 was brought out.

Hmm, maybe Wii dancing will be an Olympic event some day…

Today was spent completing more errands, meal planning and subsequently food shopping. Restocked on produce and couldn’t be happier about it.

P.S. We eat a lot of apples.

Although perhaps a bit too hot for a run, Z and I hope to get in a quick walk before dinner.  On the menu: salmon and potatoes on the grill!