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Thursday night is usually our “date night” and after a few week hiatus, last night we brought it back.

There are still so many restaurants withing walking distance that we have yet to try that this gives us the chance to explore the plethora of cuisine available in Fells.

After browsing some menus online, I decided on Bond Street Social.

Bond Street Social on Urbanspoon

We pass by it all the time on our runs yet have never been inside.

The restaurant has a tapas-style mentality with a variety of small plate options to encourage sharing. Sharing meals? Well that’s our forte!

Although we didn’t order any cocktails they had some amazing-looking options, including “liquid nitrogen martinis.” Not sure what that consists of, but it sounds like $14 worth of intensity.

One that caught my eye was the Sunkiss. It sounds light and delicious and perfect for the summer.

Our waitress gave us our menus and explained that with the small plates, most people order 2-3 dishes per person to share.

Neither Z nor I were ravenously hungry so we decided on three dishes off of the “Bites” section.

The pre-meal bread served at restaurants has never thrilled me. It’s dangerous when you’re waiting and hungry, making it all too easy to fill up on it instead of your actual meal. These days I mostly avoid it altogether. At Bond Street Social however you get a small homemade corn muffins with jalapeno butter “compliments of the chef.”

It was the perfect size ( I love corn muffins)!

Our main dishes came out not too long after. The first, “Goat Cheese Croquettes.’

Crisp on the outside with a warm goat cheese center in a chili honey glaze. Mmmmmmm…..

Next up: Watermelon Bites!

Feta, radish, pickled jalapeno and balsamic glaze. An amazingly refreshing combination of flavors.

Finally: Grilled BBQ shrimp with a corn and avocado salsa.

Happy customers!

Over dinner we got to discussing the culture of food in our country. This small plate way of eating encourages you to truly experience your food. It’s more about sampling unique flavor combinations than stuffing your face.

These dishes come at a price though, but ultimately you are paying for quality not quantity. Cheaper restaurants may offer HUGE portions, but all too often are lacking in good-for-you options. It’s a truly unfortunate situation. Hopefully through proper education changes can be made in the future.

Getting off my soapbox now… ; )

Using the “Z and K dining out strategy of awesomeness” we were once again able to have a date night under $30. Works out quite nicely, I’d say.

On the walk home I couldn’t resist stopping in Su Casa to drool over, I mean look at, all the fun home furnishings they have. Z didn’t seem to mind….

Another fun night exploring the world right outside our front door. It’s amazing how you can live somewhere so long and still have so much to experience.

Next date night: Baltimore Restaurant Week!