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Recently I came across a Groupon for a company called The Fresh 20, which offers online meal planning delivered right to your inbox! For $24 I could receive a YEAR’S worth of meal plans and shopping lists. Crazy huh??? It sounded like a good deal to me so I went ahead and purchased it.

After visiting their website, I learned that the company focuses on healthy eating by creating meals based around seasonal ingredients and eliminating processed foods.

From their website:

You buy 20 fresh, local and organic (when possible) ingredients. Most subscribers say it takes less than 20 minutes to complete their shopping. Many use weekend farmer’s markets to get great deals on seasonal items. NOTHING is processed or frozen, making sure everything is preservative free.

Another area that the company focuses on is planning meals to build upon one another throughout the week, incorporating similar ingredients. That’s something I struggle with normally. I’ll buy a whole bunch of items specifically for one recipe and then have a ton left over that I don’t know what to do with.

I got my email with my first week of meals over the weekend and was excited to get started. Due to my certain dietary restrictions I knew that we wouldn’t be following these recipes daily, but thought it could be a great source of new ideas!

The first recipe attempted:

After all it was Tuesday and that means….TACO TUESDAY!

The recipe is intended to feed a family of four so we went ahead and cut everything in half.

Starting with two chicken breasts, sauteed in olive oil with lime juice chili powder and cumin.

While Z handled the chicken, I prepared a homemade salsa. This was great seeing as how onions are not part of my life and finding a salsa without them at the store is almost unheard of!

Tomatoes, cilantro and a few other additions and I was all set.

The final part of the recipe called for honey-lime corn on the cob. Corn isn’t something I usually seek out or think to make but I’ve had it multiple times recently and have found it extremely tasty.

Lastly, I heated up some of my favorite tortillas and was good to go.

Plain Greek yogurt is a great alternative to sour cream and made for the perfect finishing touch.

The first (of hopefully many) Fresh 20 recipe successes!