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It’s a late shift day, so you know what that means….

I set the alarm for 5:30 which gave us time for coffee/reading/just generally waking up. Come 6:45 we changed, laced up the shoes and headed out the door. The plan run to Canton Waterfront Park, quick strength circuit, run home.

I tested out the Nike+ running app for my phone. I still prefer the Jogtracker app, but thought I’d give this a try.

Once at the park we completed the following (another Pinterest find), skipping over the “warm up” section seeing as how the run there took care of that.

After going through them all back to back we ran back home.

As I’ve mentioned before, I never used to enjoy running in the morning. I would previously feel extremely slow and tired. Today I felt pretty good which is making me reconsider my whole approach.

I do think I would have benefited from a small early morning snack to give me a bit of energy, but that’s an easy fix for the future.

Now I’m showered, changed, lunch packed, off to work I go. Can’t wait to share with you the yummy chicken and cocktail recipe we made last night involving fresh cherries. Look for that later today!
Question of the day: Do you prefer to workout in the morning? Afternoon? Evening?