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Before I start, let me apologize for the formatting issues. I can’t seem to figure out the problem. But I digress…
Last night we prepared a delicious meal featuring one of my favorite summer fruits: cherries!
Kristen from Iowa Girl Eats creates phenomenal recipes and this was no exception (follow the link above for the exact instructions).
We ended up taking the original recipe and halving all the ingredients seeing as how we only needed enough for two servings. Z cooked up two chicken breasts on the stove, as opposed to grilling like the recipe calls for.
I was excited that the recipe included basil because my plant has been doing quite well and when it comes down to it…basil makes any dish instantly better.
I mixed together cherries, basil, honey, salt and balsamic vinegar to create a wonderful fruit topping.
The salsa came together quite quickly, so while waiting for the chicken to cook I decided a cocktail was in order. I broke out the Sweet Cakes wine, my birthday gift from Jenna.
I turned out to be a tad bit sweet for my liking (shocking…I would have never guessed from its name). So how do we solve that? Club soda of course! I used roughly one part wine to two parts black cherry club soda.
As if that combination alone wasn’t delicious enough, I thew in some chopped cherries left over from the fruit salsa. The result? A refreshing cherry sangria that I will definitely be making again!
Cherry based dinner AND drink. Turned out to be a pretty great night! The meal itself took almost no time to prep and did a great job of incorporating fresh seasonal ingredients.
Another successful blog/Pinterest recipe creation!