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Z and I have yet to enjoy a trip to the beach and/or pool this summer. We attempted to remedy that situation by heading up to his parents’ in Pennsylvania to spend some time relaxing by their pool. Sounded like a great plan, but the weather had other ideas. After days, weeks even, of bright hot sun-shiney weather our grand pool plans were squelched by an overcast, drizzly, chilly day.
Z’s parents are actually part-time inn-keepers at The West Ridge Guest House Bed & Breakfast in Elizabethtown, PA.
The job gives them the opportunity to live on site in the main house of the estate. An added bonus is that Z and I always have our own bed & breakfast room to stay in! The property includes the main house, a guest house, barn, tennis court and of course, pool. It’s out in the Pennsylvania countryside with cows in the pasture next door and geese on the pond. A nice escape from city living.
Each room of the B&B is different and I’ve stayed in three different ones so far. My favorite: The Williamsburg Room.
 If you every need a country escape, not far from Amish country, definitely check it out. But wait! There’s more! You get a complementary Larry!
Saturday morning was a leisurely affair that involved sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee, chatting, and enjoying breakfast. With the weather still extremely overcast we knew the pool wasn’t going to happen so instead ventured out on a grocery shopping expedition. Since we were in the middle of farm country I requested stopping at some sort of farmer’s market/roadside produce stand, etc.
We went to the Middletown “Saturday Market” which was….quite an experience. Think of it as a mixture of flea market and farmer’s market combined with some of the best people watching around.
We looped through to survey the options and just couldn’t resist the never-ending display of chocolates. Yes, we tried sugar-free but only because I was curious as to how they would taste.
 We ended up getting almost all of the produce on my grocery list from the vendors there.
I couldn’t resist so in the car I sampled the vanilla caramel with sea salt. : )
We got back to the house around lunchtime and took advantage of the sliiiiiight break in the clouds to have lunch outside in the gazebo. Grilled bbq chicken, mixed veggies and corn on the cob. Doesn’t get much more summer than that!
Z was determined to get his pool time in, so much to my dismay he threw on his swimsuit and cannon balled in.
He described it as “refreshing” but we all know what that really means and there was no way I was getting in there.
Even though the weather didn’t quite cooperate it was nice to spend some relaxing time with family.
Come early afternoon we gathered our belongings and headed back to Baltimore, but not before stopping by to celebrate the first birthday of Crystal’s daughter Savannah. The big 1! Crazy how time flies.
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever stayed in a bed & breakfast? If so, where?