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Far before we were actually engaged I remember Z mentioning the concept of a destination wedding. I believe my first response was, “do you know how logistically difficult planning something like that would be???” And yet here I am doing just that.

I’ve never been the “dream of your wedding since you were a little girl” type. I’ve never had visions of long white trains or floral arrangements. Planning these things for others is extremely fun, but when it comes to me it’s extremely difficult.

I find myself not being able to embrace some of the standard practices that go along with it all. In fact I came across a collection of “Bad Wedding Clichés That Make Me Want to Say ‘I Don’t” and agree with a lot of them.

So will all that in mind, and knowing the planning difficulties lying ahead, here are the reasons why we’re going with a destination wedding.
1) Even though we met in Maryland, neither of us grew up here.

I hail from the hamlet (not even big enough to be called a town) of Salt Point, New York.

Z’s parents were teachers overseas giving him the opportunity to live in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, just to name a few.

Indonesia, age 5

2) Our families are pretty spread out, so really ANYWHERE we have our wedding would involve quite a bit of travel.

My brother lives in Rochester, a solid 5hrs from my parents.

The majority of Z’s extended family reside in Iowa & Ohio.

4) Getting the opportunity to travel is something Z and I are both passionate about. I’m very lucky that my family planned yearly trips that allowed me to visit some amazing places:

Clockwise: Kaui Hawaii, Arenal Costa Rica, Alaska, Curacao

With Z’s upbringing and military history, he’s been all over the place as well.

Left: Israel, Right: Red Sea

5) Last, but not least, the number one reason to have a destination wedding???…..After getting engaged at the pyramids, we just HAVE to do something to top that ; ).

Now that challenge is…..where to go? Stay tuned for part two as I share with you our location scouting trip to Mexico earlier this year. I’ll give you a hint as to how it turned out—-the search continues.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever been a guest at a destination wedding? If so, where?