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Last night I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow Baltimore blogger! I came upon Jenny’s Love Eat Run, last month while browsing Healthy Living Blogs. On the HLB site you can search by state and even city to find bloggers in your area writing on the topics of health and fitness.

Jenny and I met up at Red Star, one of my go-to Fells restaurants, for dinner. We chatted about blogging, life, and most importantly…wedding planning! It was fun to meet someone who can 100% relate to and understand this whole “blogging thing” (Jennys’ been doing it for a year and a half). Not to mention she’s been to Walt’s for karaoke….that alone gains her points in my book. I look forward to meeting more girls like her in the future!

Days that I work late shift mean morning workouts. Z and I attempted a the following which I found on the Peanut Butter Fingers Pinterest Page.

Our make shift warm up was running the stairs of our three-story rowhome two times. The workout itself had a good amount of cardio (squat jumps, ski jumps and high knees) which certainly got my heart rate up. The whole thing took us about 30 min and I was definitely ready for breakfast after that.

Yogurt with apple, chia seeds and granola along with almond butter toast hit the spot. Mmmm, almond butter.

Now that I have some cardio and strength under my belt for today, looking forward to a good stretch at dance class tonight.

Have a good Wednesday!