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Z and I had plans on going for a run after he picked me up from work. However I hurt my knee earlier that morning (ran into the coffee table…yeah, I wish I had a better story than that) with pain occurring every time I went up/down stairs. So seeing as how anything with excessive leg bending was out of the question it seemed like a perfect time for an arm and abs workout.

We started with an easy 10 minute walk around Fells before coming home, putting on the IHeartRadio Cardio station, and tackling the following:

I found this on the FitFluential Workouts Pinterest Board. They have a lot of great ideas on there. I highly recommend checking it out.

As for abs:

This was a workout I had saved on my computer that I found awhile back on the Tone It Up! Site. They have printable workouts as well as videos that you can follow along with.

We ended up going through arms once, abs twice, then repeated.

Those planks became quite the challenge at the end….that’s too polite….I was dreading them by the end. But I did it because I knew the sooner I finished the sooner I could eat a delicious dinner, lay on the couch, and watch How I Met Your Mother. How’s that for motivation?

I realized though I think I’m better at strength training in the morning. It was about 6pm or so when we started this and I was tired from the day and just wanted to relax. On the other hand I prefer runs in the afternoon/evenings….go figure.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What exercise do you have a love/hate relationship with?