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One of the my requested activities while up in New York was a tour and tasting at Millbrook Winery.

We packed a picnic lunch of sandwiches, tomato/basil/mozzerella salad and fruit salad and ate it down by the pond before our tasting.

Once finished we headed in to the tasting room. We received a signature wine glass and sampled six of their wines.

Two things I loved: 1) They provided pencils and a spot to take notes below the description of each wine so you could document your thoughts as you went along. 2) They included suggested food pairings for each wine we tasted (something I know nothing about but would be interested to learn).

Notes we took included, “K says it tastes like licking the inside of a barrel…NOPE.” Needless to say the oaky chardonnays are not my favorite.

We then had a half hour to kill until the tour started so Z and I got a glass of wine to share and browsed the gift shop.

Wow. I wouldn’t want to mess with the lady who wears THAT shirt…

We then ventured upstairs to their loft/event space/art gallery/balcony.

It was beautiful weather and a beautiful view.

Then it was tour time. We were joined by a whole tour bus full of wine enthusiasts from none other than Eastern Shore, MD. Go figure! In the vineyard we learned that at Millbrook they strategically split the vines in two (hence the v-shape) in order to encourage air flow between the grapes and prevent molding and other problems.

From there we went into the production rooms and learned more about the science behind wine making. Very interesting and informative.


Overall it was a fun afternoon. My quest for a red wine I actually enjoy must continue though….