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After Tuesday’s run and Wednesday’s biking, my legs needed a rest. I figured we should try and incorporate some sort of arm work Thursday and that’s when my parents suggested we take their canoe for a trip out on the Hudson. Rowing= arm usage. Perfect!

After consulting the tide charts we determined the best time to go would be around 7:30am. After realizing this at 6:45am we downed some coffee and a quick snack and headed to the river.

The canoe is made out of Kevlar which makes it super light-weight. This is great for transporting but makes it a tad less stable in the water.  I was bound and determined though to not end up in the river.

Sure the life jacket was my Dad’s and not quite the right size. But it was red and it’s the thought that counts.

We put the canoe in at Norrie Point with the goal of rowing out to an island in the middle of the river, exploring and then venturing back.

There was a bit of a breeze and an opposing current on the way out which slowed us down a bit. There were no other boats around though…just us and the river.

Once at the island, we found a nice alcove to park in. The island itself was a bit overgrown so we opted out of exploring due to my flimsy water shoes and the amount of hungry mosquitoes.

It was then time to paddle back. With the wind and currents on our side we returned to the marina in no time.

Canoeing proved to be a great way to get out and get some arm work in,  all without the confines of a gym (or spare bedroom with dumbbells as the case may be for us).

(And more importantly….I didn’t fall out.)