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Since arriving in New York,  Z and I have taken advantage of the change in our surroundings by also changing up our workout routine. In the past three days we’ve taken part in three different forms of exercise, two of which were “new-to-me.”

Wednesday we went with…bike riding! Sure I’ve taken a spin class or two over the past few years, but real-live bike riding?? It’s been awhile. My parents were kind enough to lend us their bikes, so we loaded them in the car and headed to the Dutchess Rail Trail. It’s a nice, wide, paved trail that goes on for about 12 miles or so.

Not knowing what to expect or how long it’d take, my Dad dropped us off at the start of the 8.2 mile stretch and then drove down and met us at the end. The weather was perfect so there were a ton of people enjoying the trail as well; biking, running, even rollerblading (I didn’t realize people still did that)!

It took us 45 minutes to complete the 8.2 miles. Besides a couple minor uphills the trail was as flat as they come. We weren’t racing along, but weren’t coasting either.

Feeling as though we needed more of a challenge, Dad decided he would pull over once we got closer to home and make us ride the rest of the way. While it was just under 4 miles I was aware of a couple hills en route but alas, challenge accepted!

It ended up being 3.71 miles, with some “lovely” hills. I was taken back to spin class where the instructor is telling you to crank up your resistance all while shouting motivational sayings at you….except this was real life and no one was there to do that for me. I survived nonetheless.

While I certainly don’t think I’ll be the next Lance Armstrong, it was nice to change up our usual workout routine. I find that I can get easily bored with the same running and strength training regimen and when that happens it feels like more of a chore. This was a great way to get outdoors AND get active!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: When was the last time you rode a bike?