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Greetings from New York!

Z and I had the standard 4.5 hour trip from MD to NY. We downloaded Train’s new album “California-37” which made for some great laid back driving music. I took a turn driving so that Z could work on his paper and proceeded to sing pretty much non-stop the entire length of the Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

This is one of my favorite songs because I’ve always been partial to mermaids…

Even though we didn’t get to sleep until after 11pm we were up at 6:30. Sleeping in? Who does that? Especially today because….it’s my birthday!

Looks like a wild party huh? I’m too old to party like that now so instead, plans for today will hopefully include:

– A 4 mile run in the area around my parents house (the equivalent of running “around the block” here in Salt Point, NY).

– Mani-pedis w/mom

-A trip to Adam‘s for delicious groceries and items for my Foodie Pen Pal Box (more on that in a future post).

-Dinner at Shadow’s on the Hudson

Better put on my running gear and get started!

p.s. It was a mere 65 when we arrived last night with a high today only in the low 80s. So pleasant!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is the one thing you MUST do and/or eat on your birthday?