With 12 boards and 735 pins, my love of Pinterest is no secret.  This time last year I hadn’t even heard of it. My roommate told me about the site thinking it might be something I’d be interested in. Little did she know…

I enjoy Pinterest for the endless possibilities it provides: organizational strategies, craft projects, recipes, workouts, motivational quotes, outfit ideas, travel destinations and more.

On the other hand, it can certainly be overwhelming. You go around, pinning and repinning all of these ideas onto neatly categorized boards, but how many times do you actually follow through and make something???

Well I have indeed attempted a few projects/recipes here and there and figure I can start a series of posts here on the blog featuring “Things I’ve actually made off of Pinterest.” This could however also lead to a series of “Pinterest Fails,” a phrase Denise likes to use for some of her less than successful attempts.

For starters, I just recently finished an “Our Week” board now adorning our kitchen. It was super easy and proves quite useful.

All you need is a eight-photo collage frame (I found mine at Michaels for $9.99), some scrapbook paper and sticker letters (found in various sizes and colors in the scrapbook section).

Start by cutting the scrapbook paper into appropriate-sized squares and label each, using your stickers, with a day of the week. In the extra square you can write the words, “Our Week” or “Menu”, whatever you’d like!

Once all pages are in place, use dry erase marker right on the glass to jot down information. The marker rubs right off when you’re done!

This project was quick and easy and is a great took for organization and menu planning. Pinterest success!
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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which of your Pinterest boards has the most pins?

(For me it’s my food ones…)