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All too often, Z and I will get out of the car in the evenings and be greeted by the delicious aromas filling the air thanks to Darbar , the Indian restaurant one block down. Every time this happens we say to ourselves, “we should really try that place out.” Last night we finally made that happen.

According to Urbanspoon, and a quick browse of the menu before we went, it seemed to check out ok.
Darbar on Urbanspoon

Once seated, they brought us out what can only be described as a mix between a chip/cracker/flatbread, accompanied by a trio of spreads.

While Z loved the spreads, I actually thought the cracker by itself was outstanding. Light, crisp, with a hint of salt.

Z ordered the Tomato Shorba (their version of tomato soup). I had a taste and while good, was nothing really out of the ordinary. Besides, hot soup was the last thing I wanted to ingest after our earlier run in the 90 degree weather.

For the main course we went with the “Chicken Karahi” which their menu describes as , “chicken pieces cooked with fresh tomatoes, green pepper and ginger spiced to taste.”

We also got a side of the Tandoori Roti, a delicious baked flat bread, which I will never say no to.  Overall the meal was delicious, flavorful, with just a hint of spice.

I will now share with you the “Z & K dining out strategy of awesomeness”:

It was a technique we started using while traveling in Egypt. We never had the ability to take home left-overs, so we began ordering one appetizer/salad & one meal and splitting it between the both of us. It ended up being just the right amount of food (since portion sizes can be ridiculous some times), AND allowed us to save money! We’ve continued to do this every time we go out to eat and it’s great. For example our bill last night came out to a mere $26 (that includes tip).

(Sidenote: A friendly man at the table near us randomly came over and asked if we wanted our picture taken because, “you guys look like you want your picture taken.” Not sure what that meant exactly, but we figured why not).

After dinner it was time for dessert! We leisurely strolled through Fells on the way to Mr. Yogato.

Sunset in Fells

After much deliberation, I decided on mocha yogurt with raspberries and brownie pieces and Z picked original tangy flavored yogurt with strawberries and mashed up reeces peanut butter cups.


They were a bit skimpy on the toppings if you ask me, but both were delicious.

Date night concluded with some quality time in front of the tv, thanks to Netflix and  How I Met Your Mother on instant play. : )

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite frozen yogurt/ice cream topping?