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Wow….it’s hot out. Maaaaaybe 3pm wasn’t the ideal time to go for a run…

Z and I had already planned on skipping the Thursday night Charm City fun run in favor of date night, but since it’s our normal running day we wanted to be sure to get one in. Especially with the forecast for the next few days.

I got home from work shortly after 3 and despite 95 degrees, we laced up. Z put on his weight vest (a birthday present) which I think looks more like a bullet proof vest.

Our destination was Mr. Boh, with a route through Canton square.

My favorite one-eyed winker

95 degrees and still smiling

I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t the most enjoyable run. The heat on the way back was pretty intense. I probably should have overly hydrated myself prior. Lesson learned. Now I sit here writing this as I attempt to thermoregulate and cool myself down. Once accomplished I plan on putting on fancy clothes because it’s my Friday and it’s date night! : )

Boh & Back

STATS: Distance- 2.55mi   Time- 26.13   Avg Pace- 10.3 min/mi

QUESTION OF THE DAY: When it’s this hot outside what’s your favorite indoor workout?