I used to despise any type of morning physical activity. Give me some coffee and computer time and don’t bother me until I wake up. However, as Z & I are now on the sleep schedule of 80year olds, waking up by 6am every day (I blame our lack of curtains and an early sunrise), we find ourselves with a good amount of time in the mornings before leaving for work.

On days that I have late shift or on the weekends we leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee (so we’re at least partly awake) then throw on some workout clothes. Our new house allows us to have our very own home gym in the guest bedroom which we use for strength training.  Total body circuits are my favorite because they allow you to hit multiple different muscle groups in a variety of different exercises. I’m not to the point where I know enough to create my own, so I search other blogs (ex.pbfingers.com) and Pinterest’s fitness pages for ideas.

Even though I may not be in to it at first, getting these workouts done in the morning ends up being a great way to start the day. Get it out of the way early and then you don’t have to think about it anymore!

This morning Z & I enjoyed a cup of Trader Joe’s new Vanilla Chai Spice coffee (I highly recommend) and then completed the following workout:

It took us about half hour total…..all before 7:00am. : )