This morning started out a big muggy…


Not a bad view from my “office” huh?

This afternoon, however, shaped up to be quite lovely. Z and I had plans to go on a run after he picked me up from work, but a last minute meeting stole him away leaving me to my own devices.

It would have been quite easy to skip the run altogether and give in to the lure of the DVR or the potential for new Pinterest posts, but no! In fact, I had worn my running clothes to work, a strategy I often engage in. That way, when I get home after a long day, there’s really no excuse!

I wasn’t feeling 100%, so I kept the run to our normal Canton waterfront loop. Z texted me half way through saying he was on the way home so I picked up the pace a bit for the last half, but he still beat me back.

I can’t imagine NOT living by water.


STATS: Distance- 2.33mi   Time- 23.28   Avg Pace- 10.1 min/mi