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While flipping through radio stations on the way to work today I was taken aback upon hearing Christmas music playing on the LiteFM. I quickly realized it was the 25th….of June…half-way to Christmas!

While visions of sugarplums are certainly not dancing in my head at the moment and the thought of snow seems preposterous what with 100 degree forecasts for this week, it did make me stop and think. Half of the year is over. Six whole months. Where did the time go? It’s certainly been busy and filled with lots of changes.

What have I done in 2012?

  • My fiancé returned home from deployment, putting an end to our long-distance engagement.


    So thankful to have this moment captured.

  • Took part in a surprise bridal shower, twilight-filled bachelorette party, and beautiful wedding upon marrying off one of my best friends, Denise.
  • Took a whirl-wind trip to Mexico to scout wedding locations, only to realize it’s not quite what we’re looking for.
  • Z & I searched (a lot) and successfully found our first house together.


    After seeing the red staircase I was sold!

  • Took part in my first dance recital in eight years.


    A Step Ahead Dance Center–Adult Advanced Jazz

  • Celebrated our two year anniversary.


    Picnic in the park is now a tradition.

That’s quite a list! With all that I’ve accomplished, what other hopes do I have for the rest of the year?

  • Venture to my parents’ house in NY and go wine-tasting at Millbrook Vineyards
  • Run a 5K with Z
  • Run the marathon relay at the Baltimore Running Festival
  • Go to a bed & breakfast
  • Pretend to have a green thumb and plant something in my flower boxes and tree planters.
  • Take advantage of my library card—read, read, read.
  • Pick a destination for our destination wedding
  • Continue to grow and develop this blog into something I’m really proud of.

I’m sure there will be more, but I’d say that’s a great place to start!