Over the course of the past year I’ve discovered the world of blogs. Sites upon sites of information about health, fitness, and not to mention food all at my disposal. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon them, but mid last year I found myself religiously checking the daily musing of girls that I’ve never met and following along with their lives. These blogs provide me with more than just a source of entertainment while drinking my morning cup of coffee. As I began to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle I found these girls to be invaluable resources. They provided me with motivation and inspiration for workouts as well as ideas for healthy recipes and fun products to try.

From pbfingers.com

Delicious recipe I would have never made if not for finding it online!

Julie (pbfingers.com), Monica (Runeatrepeat.com) and Kristin (iowagirleats.com) got me hooked. They also inspired me to start one of my own. A place to document my ideas, thoughts and pictures of my attempts to live a healthy lifestyle all while home decorating, wedding planning, spending far too much time on pinterest and of course animal training…